Picture Dude Image Uploader

A quick way to edit and upload your pictures to Facebook


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If you take a lot of pictures and always have to edit them individually before uploading them to Facebook, now you can do it all with the same program in just a couple of clicks.

Just add all your images to Picture Dude Image Uploader regardless of the format (JPEG, GIF, BMP, or RAW), and edit them: you can rotate, crop, erase red eye, adjust the brightness or saturation, and add effects.

Picture Dude Image Uploader will create pristine pictures ready to share on any social network. Any of the changes you make can be corrected. Also, if you want to claim ownership of the picture, you can always insert your own watermark.

The effects included in the program include pixelate, blur, emboss, and change color or saturation. You'll have everything you need for editing your photos right at your fingertips.
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